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ACUO provides services either on an enterprise 'across the board' approach,

or on a technical support / supplementary resources approach.


Across a business enterprise, ACUO would undertake a full review and analysis in order to develop and implement a Strategic Plan for growth and improvement.

Working closely with its client, ACUO fine tunes operational systems, processes, procedures and controls throughout all or specific business functions including:

organization structures, roles, responsibilities, levels of authority, policies, procedures, governance, risk awareness

Project management, controls, reporting, estimating, budgeting, procurement, equipment, sub-contractors

Business Development and Strategy

market strategies and plans, focus, SWOT analyses, project selection, partnering, JV's

systems, forecasts, reporting.​

Technical Support

Recognising that you have unresolved organisational or operational issues, or that you may not have the appropriate or sufficient resources in-house to deal with a specific technical or functional requirement, you may engage an ACUO consultant to overcome the difficulty in the short-term whilst assisting you to plan for the long-term.

The areas in which ACUO can assist are:

Project Management

Planning & Scheduling

Cost Control

Quality Control


Commercial Management

Dispute Prevention

​Risk and Liability
​Business Development
​Expert services

ACUO provides services to Contractors, Consultants, Developers and Owners,​

from start-ups to existing establishments.

ACUO will review, analyze, recommend and implement measures for improvement

in specific areas of operation or across an entire business unit.

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